Schengen Visa arrangements

The visa can be issued on arrival at Paris Airport, French ports or Embassy. In order to join a vessel as a seaman, the crew must be a valid seaman book and a valid passport holder.

Visa on Arrival at Paris CDG Airport
Crew Lines is able to assist your company with the Schengen visa upon arrival via Paris airport. All Schengen visa arrangements will include an OK TO BOARD to the concerned airlines, an introduction letter, guarantee letters and Schengen Insurance. Express visa on arrival at Paris CDG with a minimum notice of 24 hours.
Offsigners Exit formalities
Thanks to a great experience and good relations with local Authorities, we can provide full assistances for off signers, superintendent, technicians for safe disembarkation in all French Ports. Our company arrange transit Visa, Port clearance, immigration formalities at the port. We assist them till catch their flights or train.
Seamen short stay visa
We can assist your company to obtain a seamen short stay visa for crew members at French consulate. Crewlines provides the requested letter of the shipping agency in France confirming your embarking on the vessel, its arrival and departure date in and out the French harbour and its final destination.
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